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The Matfer quenelle spoon is a professional-grade, practical, and durable utensil for shaping quenelles. Stainless steel is a resilient and

Quenelle spoon - 8cm - Matfer

A perfect rocher is a beautiful thing -and, a great skill to have. Other spoons were either too shallow, too deep, or too circular, so we got to work

Quenelle / Rocher Spoon - Large

QUENELLE SPOON - The triangle quenelle spoon transforms ice cream, whipped cream, mousse, mashed potatoes & other ingredients into smooth, rounded

triangle Small Quenelle Spoon, Carded - Stainless Steel - Creates Smooth, Rounded Scoops for Plating - Dishwasher Safe - Made in Germany

Solid Wood Water Scoop Spoon Multipurpose Wooden Scoop Spoon Ladle Dipper Kitchen Utensil for Cooking, Bath Salt,Canisters Flour - AliExpress

Perfect Quenelle Spoon (medium), 1 unit

Taylor is clean, simple and unadorned and the definition of less is more design. Casual and unassuming, Taylor is perfect for any occasion, making a

Taylor Mirror Everyday Flatware Teaspoons

Diameter Serving Spoon Oneida

Oui Chef SignatureSpoon for Rocher, Serving & Saucing

Quenelle Spoon/Rocher Spoon/Stainless Steel 304 : Home & Kitchen